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Southern Exposure was founded by Scott Blank, with the goal of building quality docks and providing superior craftsmanship.


Pneumatic Hammer for Pilings

Here it is, the hammer of your dreams.  Just jetting or pushing your pilings in doesn’t give your dock or boatlift the support it needs, especially boatlift pilings.   They have a tendency to sink under the constant pressure of a boat.  But if you drive it to refusal you will avoid the hassle of re-setting piles.  This video is just around 6 minutes, you can see the movement of the piling moves pretty fast at first, the bottom was a sand – shell base.  I jetted the piling in place so it will stand on its own approximately 7 ft. then hammered to refusal another 4 ft.  This hammer is 640 lb.  and was running at 60 psi.   I can make them lighter or heavier depending on your needs.



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