20140308_142032Southern Exposure manufacturers its own design for pile driving pneumatic hammers. I have been building hammers for the past 23 years and selling to local and out of state contractors. Over 80% of the marine contractors in Collier County, FL use my pneumatic hammers.

We can make adapters to customize hammers for your specific needs.

We use custom-built pneumatic cylinders with stainless rods to our specifications. Hammers weigh from empty 350 lb to 700 lb full and can drive up to an 11″ diameter piling.  Pneumatic hammer operates on as low as 60 psi to 90 psi max with the 520 lb hammer……When using the 700 lb hammer you can use up to 110 psi max.  You can get great performance from a 15 CFM at 100 psi compressor.