Here is what our customers are saying:

“Southern Exposure built our dock and deck in early 2010 and we are absolutely thrilled with the quality and price. It was a complex job with a circular deck and close to two-thousand square feet of finished decking. They were the low bidder on the job, but despite that used higher-quality materials including full-dimension lumber and galvanized through-bolting for the framing. Although these will never be noticed they will last much longer than the regular materials – and they didn’t have to use them. The craftsmanship on both the framing and the finish was superb. We had a very easy time communicating with the owner, Scott Blank, who kept us informed when we weren’t in Florida and regularly sent us pictures of the job.

Although I know construction a bit, I had the opportunity to meet with the building inspector from the City of Marco Island when he did the inspection on the framing for the deck – he had previously done the inspection on the dock framing. He said to me “I don’t even have to look at this job. The guy (Scott Blank) doesn’t have it in him to do bad work – this is all way above code. You see work like this on maybe 5% of the jobs I inspect.” So now you know why we’re extremely satisfied customers.

We are completely satisfied customers and are happy to recommend Southern Exposure to anyone. You are welcome to contact us directly and we’d be happy to show you our new dock and deck – they’re amazing.” - Wendy & John Gilmour



If you would like John and Wendys contact info Please contact me I will be more than happy to give their phone number.